Positions Available
IT - Software
bulletApplication Analyst
bulletSchedule Analyst
bulletSupport Analyst
bullet Crystal Enterprise System Admin / Analyst
bulletSenior Software Engineer
bulletSoftware Engineer (จำนวนมาก)
bulletIT Support Engineer
IT - System / Hardware / Network
bulletSenior Sun Solaris Administrator
bulletIT Specialist Supervisor
bulletField Engineer
bulletProject Manager (Network Infrastructure)
bulletDatabase Administrator/ System Admin
bulletSenior Engineer
bulletIT Support Engineer
bulletERP Programmer
bulletERP & Application Support
Sales / Pre-Sales - IT
bulletStrategic Account Manager
bulletPre-Sales Consultant
bulletSale Director
bulletAssistant Section Manager
bullet Sales Coordinator
bulletMaterial Engineering Officer
bulletMechanical/Electrial/Chemical/Process Engineer
bulletEnviromental Engineer
bulletMaintenance Engineer
bulletMechanical Engineer
bulletProcess Engineer
bulletLogistics officer
bulletQuality Engineering Assistant Manager
bulletQuality Control
bulletQuality System Control
bulletReliability Test QC - 1 Position
bulletProduct design engineer
bulletProcess engineer
bulletBuyer/ Senior Planner
bulletQuality Assurance Manager
bullet Facility Section Manager
bulletQA Engineer
Accounting (Many Positions!!)
bulletTax Analyst
bulletFinancial Accounting
bulletProduct Movement and Inventory
bulletGeneral Accounting
bulletFinancial Analyst
bulletAccountant, Project
bulletAccountant, Operating Project
bulletAccountant / Tax Compliance
bulletAnalyst - Business Analysis and Reporting
bulletAccounting Officer (A/R and A/P function) – 1 position
bulletAudit Assistant Manager (start working in APR.2011) – 1 position
bulletBusiness Analyst (AVP – VP)
bulletหัวหน้าธนบดีธนกิจ (Area Manager)
Human Resources (Many Positions!!)
bulletPayroll Analyst
bulletHR Analyst: Accounting
bulletPolicy & Benefit Admin Analyst
bulletHR Development Senior Officer
Sales / Marketing - Non IT
bulletSales Assistant in Sport Outlet
bulletMarketing Officer
bulletMarketing Representative
bulletSales Coordinator
bulletAfter Sales Marketing Senior Officer
bulletส่งเสริมการตลาด (AVP – VP)
bulletMaketing/Sale Manager
Purchaser / Merchandiser
bulletProduction Leader of Supply Chain
bulletPurchasing Manager
bullet Purchasing - 1 Position
bulletCall Center
bulletQA General Manager
bulletSales Manager
bulletRecruitment Consultant
bulletWarehouse & Logistics Assistant Manager
bulletPlanner / Senior Planner (Japanese Skills)
bulletPositions w/ 3rd language -Chinese, German, Dutch, French
bulletGA Officer
bulletProcess engineer

Background Checks



Background checks are the process of investigating the backgrounds of potential employees.

They are commonly used to verify the accuracy of an applicant's claims as well as to discover any possible criminal history,

especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, such as Accounting, Purchasing, and Finance.  


Synesis’s background check services include :



Reference Check / Past Employment Verification

Professional references help companies gain an additional level of information on their applicant

beyond what is listed on their resume. This can provide them greater insight to a person’s work ethic, character, integrity, and abilities.


Synesis offers a premium level reference check service to help expedite the process of HR professionals.

Experienced members of our staff conduct overall employment verification with HRs

to authenticate work history and uses comprehensive, performance-based reference check with direct supervisors, colleagues,

or coworkers to assess the applicant’s capabilities in a 360-degree view.

Then a comprehensive report is produced and delivered to the client.


Criminal Records Check

Employee background checks frequently include criminal records searches to determine

if the applicant has committed any crime that will prohibit him from performing certain work. 

Synesis conducts a criminal record check through the process required by the Royal Thai Police

and the result can be received within 30 days based on the date appointed by the Royal Thai Police.


Education Verification

Education verifications provide information regarding enrollment status, enrollment history, graduation date, and GPA.

Synesis authenticates candidate’s education claims directly with registrars and administration offices

of education institutions and alerts clients of inconsistencies.



Bankruptcy Check

A prospective employer can use bankruptcy records to assess an applicant’s financial stability,

especially when a job involves finance, accounting, cash or valuable merchandise and when it requires a security clearance.

Synesis conducts bankruptcy check directly with the Legal Execution Department of Thailand and the report can be issued within one day. 



 Credit Bureau Check

The main reason employers check credit is to get insight into potential hires,

including signs of financial distress that might indicate risk of theft or fraud or whether they are responsible for their own obligations.

Synesis check applicants’ credit history from National Credit Bureau and the report can also be issued within a day. 

Social Media Screening